Specialty Projects in Las Vegas

Beyond just delivering some of the best painting services in Las Vegas, NV, Fischer Painting is also pleased to provide clients with a repertoire of specialty services. Our goal is to help make your home the vision of perfection you know it can be.

The professionals employed by Fischer Painting have more than 40 years of experience in home improvement services. We pride ourselves on offering a niche range of capabilities to clients, including:

  • Drywall Repair

    If your drywall has holes or needs to be repaired after recent renovations, we’re the ones to trust with the job. We offer drywall repair as part of our painting services as well.

  • Stucco Repair

    Exterior stucco can succumb to the elements and time, or be disrupted by exterior remodeling. Call us for stucco repair in Las Vegas, NV of the highest caliber!

  • Fire Protective Coatings

    To comply with fire code and for peace of mind, we offer fire protective coating services for homes and businesses.

  • Concrete Repair and Patching

    From driveways to garage pads, foundations to pathways and beyond, we’re the ones to call when you need concrete repair and patching services. Our concrete repair in Las Vegas, NV will restore the integrity and aesthetic to your concrete, whether residential or commercial.

  • Concrete Cleaning

    If your concrete has years of weathering or debris buildups that are marring it surface and appeal, let us clean it up for you. We thoroughly clean concrete surfaces to restore the façade or prep it for painting.

  • Pool Deck Construction

    Our team has experience in constructing pool decks, to improve the aesthetic appeal and versatility of your in-ground pool. We can work with a variety of styles and materials to establish the ideal pool decking for you.

For more information about our range of specialty capabilities outside of painting, please contact us today by calling 702-338-7982.